Imagine Dragons 'On Top of The World' Contest

  • Challenge #35 Thu, Jan 9th

    Question: During part of the video we hear the famous words of Neil Armstrong… or do we? What is wrong with this famous statement?

    Answer: it says "One false step for man, one giant deceit for mankind"
  • Challenge #34 Wed, Jan 8th

    Question: The creepy leather mask hanging from Ben's shelf is a reference to what Kubrick movie?

    Answer: Eyes Wide Shut
  • Challenge #32 Mon, Jan 6th

    Question: Director Stanley Kubrick is known for the abundant amount of triangles in his movies. There are multiple triangles throughout this video. Can you find 5?

    Answer: The orange painting in Ben's house, black pyramid candle on Aja's TV, on the hood of Ben's car, restricted area sign on Government building door, the teepee, Wayne's hippie jacket has patches on the shoulder, etc.
  • Challenge #31 Sun, Jan 5th

    Question: There is an anagram on Dan's house for what famous person related to the theme of this video?

    Answer: Neil Armstrong


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  1. 1st Daquri L Sicola Daquri L Sicola 8
  2. 2nd wattawally wattawally 8
  3. 3rd Nettie Helene Laumann Kirk Nettie Helene Laumann Kirk 8
  4. 4th Warren Digal Warren Digal 6
  5. 5th Laurenhunterx5sos Laurenhunterx5sos 6
  6. 6th 5SecondsOfDirection 5SecondsOfDirection 6
  7. 7th Aman ScOtt Ronaldo Aman ScOtt Ronaldo 6
  8. 8th romialima romialima 6
  9. 9th Marcelly Popik Marcelly Popik 6
  10. 10th Yesi Jelita Yesi Jelita 6